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Artisan Staycation Essentials Deluxe


Our Bread&Berries Staycation Essentials Bundle is a delicious way to start off your Staycation and is designed to serve a group of 4 people. We either deliver directly to your booked holiday home in Dublin or Co. Wicklow at any chosen date and time – or to your home to take with you.

Guests of the Sheepwalk House Wicklow save over 10%

The following items are included:

  • Avonmore Fresh Whole Milk 1L
  • Avonmore Light Milk 1L
  • Avonmore Salted Butter 227g
  • Freshly Baked Firehouse Bread
  • Crossogue Strawberry and Apple Jam 225g
  • Mileeven’s Honey with Jameson Irish Whiskey 225g
  • Medium Fruit Basket (5 Royal Gala Apples, 1 Bunch Bananas, 5 Large Oranges, 5 Peaches, 5 Pears)
  • Barry’s Tea Bags 40’s
  • JJ Darboven Coffee No1 (French Press)
  • 6 Large Organic Farm Eggs
  • Award Winning Scarlet Heifer Breakfast Sausages 500g
  • Fermanagh Black Bacon Smoked
  • Black & White Pudding
  • Wicklow Farmhouse Cheese 150g
  • Fire and Smoke Ham 90g
  • Ballycross Apple Farm Apple Juice 750ml
  • Ballycross Pink Lemonade 750ml
  • Two Bottles of San Pellegrino Sparkling Water
  • O’Donnells Ballymaloe Relish and Cheddar Crisps
  • Cereal
  • Sweet Treats (Haribo Tangfastics & Goldbear)

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